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TerrorVision (1986) review

I found this movie thanks to a great list on Reddit provided by u/TomberryServo entitled ‘Trashy, sleazy, gory and void of any artistic merit.’ I couldn’t ignore that now, could I? TerrorVision lays all its cards on the table right … Continue reading

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The Platform (2019) mini-review

Taut and claustrophobic. Does a great job on a limited budget. Netflix defaults to dubbed English version, but you can change it to Spanish with subtitles to get the original sound. I really enjoyed this on many levels. Pun intended. … Continue reading

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Phase IV (1974) mini-review

Weird but compelling 70s Sci-Fi. I seem to remember seeing this when I was a teenager and it making me afraid of ants. A Skelpometer rating of 7. Facebook mini-review first posted 4th August 2019

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Mega Time Squad (2018) mini-review

Utter nonsense. I loved it! Perfect for an afternoon off. A solid 7 Skelpometer points. FaceBook mini-review first posted 24th April 2020

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